Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Fun!

We started our Family Halloween Fun on Thursday night by carving our pumpkin while watching "Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"

Of course you can see who actually did all the work cleaning out and carving the pumpkin!

It still turned out great and was ready to light just in time for Halloween!!

On Halloween Day we got dressed up and went to the base clinic for some Trick or Treating, everyone gets into it and we got lots of candy.

Then after dinner we headed over to Will's house for more Trick or Treating and our Halloween party. Here is Kyle, Will, Jillian and Grace ready to go get some candy. Payton was not feeling up for pictures at this point!

Derek dressed up at a Mummy and when we told Kyle about it he said, "I have an idea mommy you can go as a daddy" It took him until Derek got dressed to realize that we were saying mummy not mommy!

This was our first Halloween in seven years that it did not snow, it was even nice outside. So the people came out. We even stopped by the General's house for some candy!

Then we went back to Will's house for some Halloween party fun. The kids went on a scavenger hunt and it ended with goody bags and pumpkins to carve!

Kyle loved drawing on his pumpkin and did a really good job at writing his name all over it!

Everyone had a great time decorating their pumpkins and they all turned out really cute!

Payton decided to take a rest, and a few minutes later decided it was time for bed! So we left sick to our stomachs with sweets and tired from all the fun we had!

Happy Halloween!!

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The Farm

We went down to Fort Collins to "The Farm". We went with a group of our friends. The kids just loved it. There were tons of farm animals for the kids to see and feed. Kyle got to ride a horse, he looks like a professional rider. Payton just sat in the stroller happy as can be!