Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kyle's Birthday!!!

For Kyle's birthday this year Grandma Pam and Auntie Carly got to come and celebrate, and we had a great time!

Our day started with Green (Incredible Hulk) pancakes, with M&Ms.

Then it was off to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and playing fun games with Auntie Carly.

Payton even got to play a few games!!

We got some really cool little toys with all the tickets we collected.

The next day we had to get ready for Kyle's Transformer, bowling party!

Derek did a great job getting all the decorations set out before the birthday boy arrived!

We had hot dogs, corn dogs and grilled cheese and french fries for all my friends!

Then it was off to bowl!!

I got to hang with my best friends!

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Lindsay said...

Looks like a fun birthday!!

The Farm

We went down to Fort Collins to "The Farm". We went with a group of our friends. The kids just loved it. There were tons of farm animals for the kids to see and feed. Kyle got to ride a horse, he looks like a professional rider. Payton just sat in the stroller happy as can be!