Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Baseball Game!!

Of course, the first baseball game for Kyle and Payton had to be between the Colorado Rockies and the Seattle Mariners!! Here is Derek and the kids in their Seattle gear ready for the game!!

The kids had their gloves and were ready to hopefully catch a fly ball, even though our seats were very far from the field!

It was a very long walk up to the third level, with Payton walking by herself, it took awhile just to make it to our seats!

We had some yummy peanuts to keep us busy during the game, here is Kyle licking his lips after devouring a peanut.

Payton had her Dora visor on but I was afraid the top of her head would get sunburned. Luckily, it was "free hat" game, obviously she was not about to replace her Dora visor for a Rockies hat, so she wore both!

We also snacked on some Red Vines and Payton was very generous in sharing hers!

In the 5th inning it started to rain, so we went and got some ice cream, then the tornado sirens went off. So they made everyone move to the main level for safety reasons. Here we are waiting out the storm, packed in like sardines!

Payton also kept busy coloring!

Next to the 7th Inning "Take me out to the Ball Game" song, Kyle loved the wave, and he did an awesome job at it!!

Mariners lost 1-7 but we just switched our Mariners hats for Rockies hats and still had a blast!!


The Clifton's said...

Looks like fun. Paytons hair is getting so long. Looks like she did well at the game. Miss you and can't wait to see you in July.

Lindsay said...

Looks fun:) Crazy about the tornado sirens!

Sled Dawgs said...

That looks like fun and it sure did make me miss you guys. The kids look like they have already grown since we left. Take care and keep us updated on what is going on with you guys.

The Farm

We went down to Fort Collins to "The Farm". We went with a group of our friends. The kids just loved it. There were tons of farm animals for the kids to see and feed. Kyle got to ride a horse, he looks like a professional rider. Payton just sat in the stroller happy as can be!