Monday, September 29, 2008

Grandma Stone's Visit!

Grandma Stone came to visit while Daddy and Kyle were gone to Washington. So needless to say we had the ultimate "Girls Week"!! We went up to Estes Park where we had to stop at the famous Taffy Shop and buy Grandpa some Texas Pecan Taffy! Grandma, Mommy and I only had one piece each, there was still plenty left for Grandpa!
Great Picture of Mommy but like usual I did not feel like cooperating and even though I was having an awesome hair day I just did not want my picture taken. I wanted down!!
We did A LOT of walking while Grandma was here. I did not get to walk very often but if I cried long enough Grandma eventually let me get out of the stroller and walk a bit.
Here I am showing off the new sweat shirt Mommy got me on the sale rack of Baby Gap. It was a great deal and we were very excited about the price!

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The Farm

We went down to Fort Collins to "The Farm". We went with a group of our friends. The kids just loved it. There were tons of farm animals for the kids to see and feed. Kyle got to ride a horse, he looks like a professional rider. Payton just sat in the stroller happy as can be!