Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Not much has been happening lately, obviously the reason for no new posts. Today was the start of AWANAs, Kyle was so excited. He loves wearing his vest and he can't wait to get the stickers. He does such a great job memorizing the verses I am so proud of him.

I also added this picture of his cut on his head that he got from running around church after Daddy told him not to. We actually only spent an hour in the emergency room for them to put a nice looking staple in his head. He was so brave!

This picture I took the other night when Payton fell asleep in front of her door. I went to kiss her good night and I couldn't open the door because she was blocking it. You can see the door handle in the picture.

Oh, and I also added this cute picture of Payton because she is at a cutie pie stage. I am trying to enjoy it before she get to be to much of a toddler!!

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The Clifton's said...

Oh my goodness! She is so cute. Did you give her a "hairstyle"? She is getting so big. Katie sleeps on a pallet on the ground these days. Her dresser is right next to her. The other night when she was suppose to be sleeping I caught her going through her drawers. She was playing "dress up" and had a hat on and everything. I had to discipline her, all the while, it was so hard not to laugh! I miss you.

The Farm

We went down to Fort Collins to "The Farm". We went with a group of our friends. The kids just loved it. There were tons of farm animals for the kids to see and feed. Kyle got to ride a horse, he looks like a professional rider. Payton just sat in the stroller happy as can be!